Travelling the Globe in search of inspiration

Have you ever noticed how when you travel, you see things through different eyes? Your mind is suddenly awake to new places and new ideas. Travel broadens your perspective and it’s that ability to acquire new experiences and new learnings, that fuels the creative minds at Montana Steele.

For years we’ve travelled the world in search of inspiration with Lanterra Developments, an industry leader and one of our longest-standing clients. A trip to Murano and Burano, Italy provided the initial spark that launched the marketing campaigns for the namesake buildings, inspired by the historic artistry of the Venetian islands and the exquisite Italian finishes contained within.

Enamoured with la dolce vita, a subsequent trip to Treviso led to a charming campaign for another eponymous condominium, celebrating Italian tradition, style, and culture in midtown Toronto. The enchanting water features and rooftop terrace of Lanterra’s 30 and 28-storey towers recalled the central piazzas and beautiful gardens of the city, and brought a sophisticated Sophia Loren sensibility to Canadian soil.

A few degrees of latitude to the north, a visit to Copenhagen acted as the impetus for Ice Condominiums – a sculptural masterpiece in downtown Toronto that combined effortless urban cool with minimal Scandinavian design. The sunny California-lifestyle of Los Angeles (in particular the gourmet restaurants, fashion emporiums, and chic boutique-lined boulevards) led to Rodeo Drive Condominiums, a project that delivered Beverly Hills to the heart of Don Mills. And when London called, our team came running, absorbing the sights and sounds, cultures and cuisines, arts and architectures, luxury and lifestyles of the most exciting city on the planet, and translating that into an exciting campaign for The Britt.

Most recently, we secured a few more stamps in our passports with visits to London and New York, on a whirlwind tour of artistic brilliance for a landmark new downtown condo that will act as Lanterra’s magnum opus. The bold and breathtaking masterpieces found in the Whitney, the Gagosian, Tate Modern, Opera Gallery, and the Halcyon; or on display for passing crowds on the High Line, in Notting Hill, and at Central Saint Giles, were the starting point for Artists’ Alley, a condominium inspired by art and infused with design.

With every new country, time zone, and area code, we broaden our perspective and apply that sensibility to our campaigns, giving new meaning to global living. We’re racking up frequent flyer miles in search of new discoveries around the world, and we’re excited to continue to weave them into stories here at home.