Rene DeSantis President

With his strategic thinking and insightful vision, Rene DeSantis leads Montana Steele in developing iconic brands and campaigns for many of the agency’s highrise and lowrise clients. Rene’s keen creative flair, extensive market knowledge and attention to detail are evident in the resounding market success of all his projects.

Andy DeSantis Creative Director

A passionate champion of “Branding”, Andy DeSantis  is well known for his remarkable insight and energy, helping Montana Steele become recognized as the leader in condominium marketing. A hands-on professional, Andy leads his team to create a unique character and personality for every project utilizing traditional media as well as interactive, web and social media.

Joe Latobesi Managing Partner

A marketing visionary and a dynamic leader, Joe Latobesi has helmed the growth of Montana Steele’s impressive highrise portfolio in North America’s most competitive real estate market. Joe brings an unrivalled track record of success in crafting strategic brand vision, launching many of the agency’s award-winning highrise brands and driving world-class creativity with effective communication.