Daniels Waterfront


The Daniels Corporation


Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts


XX residential condo units
Xx sq.ft. of customizable office space
Xx sq.ft. of retail space


East Bayfront, Toronto, Ontario


Branding Strategy
Environmental Design
Print Ads
Social Media

The Opportunity

Create Demand in an Overlooked Area of the City

The Daniels Corporation approached Montana Steele to create a brand for a multi-phased mixed-use community that would include residential, office, and retail in the East Bayfront, a part of the city which was just beginning to take shape. The community was on the lands of the entertainment complex which included the Guvernment and Kool Haus, across the street from Lake Ontario and Sugar Beach. Montana Steele was tasked to create and brand that would help define the emerging neighbourhood, with a focus on arts and culture being woven into the community fabric, and engage our target market of first-time buyers, move-down buyers and investors.

The Strategy & Execution

Leverage the unique product offering and up-and-coming neighbourhood

The name Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts was the name that was decided upon, a name that would say it all including the developer, the location, and the unique offering of an arts-forward community that it presented. This community name conveys strength and character while maintaining the depth required for a multi-phase product launch that included Lighthouse Tower, Lighthouse East Tower, and 130 QQE.

The Lighthouse Tower series was positioned within the community to convey that Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts truly is a beacon of light in the East Bayfront, providing guidance and definition to this emerging area. This name study coupled with the project being one of the first communities in the neighbourhood fostered the use of powerful headlines such as, “A leading light at Toronto’s waterfront”, through a multi-channel advertising campaign including print ads, out of home media, online ads, and social media content and ads.

The Results

Record sales volumes and registration numbers

Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts was met with overwhelming demand and registration numbers before the product was even launched. In a time where the market was slow and the price point was higher than competitors, Montana Steele’s brand and marketing strategy successfully sold one hundred percent of Lighthouse Tower units in its initial eight months. What’s more, it primed Lighthouse East Tower to sell out the entirety of its product within a month of launching.


Branding Strategy, Collateral, Digital, Environmental Design, Print Ads, Social Media, Video

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