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Tour des Canadiens

the first-ever NHL game started in Montreal on Dec 19th 1917

the first-ever Montreal sports and entertainment condo in 2014

For Montreal, hockey is not just a sport, it’s a passion, a religion…

For Montrealers, hockey is not just a sport – it’s a passion, a religion. And their team, the legendary Montreal Canadiens, is the most successful franchise in NHL history. As the home of the Montreal Canadiens, the Bell Centre has not only hosted historic games, but also spectacular music, opera and entertainment. From this history and legend arose a revolutionary new concept in real estate: Montreal’s first-ever sports and entertainment condominium, Tour des Canadiens, located at the Bell Centre in the heart of downtown.

this is a brand 100 years in the making

In creating a brand for Tour des Canadiens, we captured the spirit, the legend, the 100-year history of the Montreal Canadiens. Starting with the name (the English translation is: Tower of the Canadiens), the logo, branding and advertising, everything about Tour des Canadiens celebrates the legacy and legend of the Montreal Canadiens. Print ads lead the way by glorifying the illustrious history of the team comparing it to the new and exciting TDC project. Videos, sales centres, events, brochures, XM and digital leveraged the cities love of the Montreal Canadiens and brought the brand to life.

the legend continues with TDC 2

The spectacular success of Tour des Canadiens, the fastest-selling condo in Montreal’s history, continued with a phenomenal sequel: a second tower, which also sold out in record time. Tour des Canadiens is now the centre of the $2-billion Quad Windsor project: a mixed-use, master-planned development that will transform the downtown core into a vibrant district, energized by a new city park, culture, sports, dining, shopping, new offices and residences.

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