Viewer Discretion Advised: Behind the Scenes at The Montana Steele Photo Shoot

At Montana Steele, we work hard at having fun. For instance, the staff photo shoot happened a few weeks ago, and you can see the results on the Team page of our site. What you don’t see there are some of the quirkier shots taken on the occasion, as our people hammed it up for the camera. Browse this section to see, literally, the many different faces of Montana Steele, from the whacky and weird to the downright “is-that-really-me?”

Andy DeSantis, Nancy Pileggi, Nik Priftis Jessica Sheardown, Dylan Welsh, Robert Bursach and Adam Savoni Dylan Welsh, Nik Priftis and Tony Kilislian Armando Asuncion, Jessica Sheardown and Adam Savoni