Meet the Montana Steele Interns: Jake Masters

Each summer Montana Steele welcomes interns to our offices for some hands on experience into the world of marketing and advertising. This year we’re happy to have two undergraduate students from Western University here working alongside our team. We’re always grateful for their hard work and assistance especially during the busy season of project launches and campaign presentations! Meet the first of this year’s interns, Jake Masters.

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What are you studying in school?


Why marketing and advertising?

I really enjoy the ability to create and sell ideas. This industry specifically allows for your ideas to enter the hearts and minds of the everyday person, and hopefully become a part of their lives.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a barber.

Tell us the most significant piece of information you’ve learned as an intern so far.

So far, my internship has been an incredible learning experience. If I had to say, the most significant piece of information I learned is the value and importance of successful communication.

Besides interning at Montana Steele, what else are you looking forward to doing this summer?

I love the cottage weekends and relaxing by the lake.

Coffee or Tea?

Espresso… double espresso.

TV guilty pleasure?

Anything on HBO.

Describe yourself as an alcoholic beverage.

2oz Gin 1oz Tonic and a Lime Wedge.

Given the choice to be a fictional character I would be…

Gordon Gekko/ James Bond/  Sam “Ace” Rothstien

Tell us about your idea of a perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday consists of waking up at 12:50 and watching football at 1. After my Denver Broncos crush, destroy and humiliate whoever they are playing, I will then watch the rest of the games that day. After the 4 o’clock games, my attention turns to HBO for 2 hours while I follow the night game on my computer. Before I go to bed, I will double check that I am comfortably ahead in my fantasy football matchup heading into Monday night and prepare Pro-Lines for that game. I will have no trouble sleeping because of the amount of beer consumed during Football Sundays.