From Intern to Employee: 15 Minutes with Bradley Hendriks

Meet Bradley Hendriks. Two summers ago he was a Commerce student at McMaster University and an eager marketing intern here at Montana Steele. Now he’s one of our talented Account Coordinators working on exciting new launches and marketing strategies for our clients. He shares his transition from intern to employee and his advice for aspiring marketing and advertising pros. Think you’re up for the intern challenge? Get in touch to learn more about working with us.

When did you get your start with Montana Steele?

During my second year at McMaster University I was speaking with my neighbor about my interests in working in marketing after graduation, and he mentioned Montana Steele. I got in touch with them for an interview, and a couple weeks later they hired me as a summer intern. I doubt there was a happier second year Commerce student out there.

How did you transition from intern to employee?

After two summers of working as a marketing intern here, I knew this was the company for me. When I was back at school I reached out to Rene DeSantis and my internship supervisor Nancy MacKinlay to let them know I was extremely interested in returning after graduation. This past May I was hired full-time as an Account Coordinator.

As an intern at a mid-sized company there is a lot of responsibility and expectations. My work as an intern was similar to the work I am doing now so the transition was quite smooth. After some briefing about new clients and projects on my first day, I was off to the races and jumped right back into the work groove. It sort of felt like I never even left to be honest.

What were some of the most important skills you learned as an intern that have translated into your full-time job?

Attention to detail is number one. In such a fast paced and ever-changing work environment, it is important that you do not let the little details slip through the cracks. Organization is also extremely important. I thought I was organized in school, but once I came to Montana Steele I got a rude awakening and saw that I had a lot to learn. With multiple clients and projects, back-to-back meetings and tasks coming in all the time, it was extremely necessary to get a firm grasp of everything and get organized.

What’s a typical day like for you as an Account Coordinator? 

What I love about my position is that there really is no “typical day” at work. There is always multiple marketing and advertising efforts going on from booking ads, coordinating artwork and attending meetings, and it is my job to make them happen.

Do you have advice for anyone interested in a marketing/advertising career?

Get involved! Find something at your school or in your community that is marketing related. It doesn’t matter how small your role is, everyone’s efforts and contributions are worth something, and sometimes they are worth A LOT more than you think. Never turn down an opportunity to learn something new and get out of your comfort zone.

What could we find you doing when you’re not working hard in the Montana Steele office?

Working on personal fitness goals, watching Blue Jays games, sailing, swimming, playing tennis, skiing, grabbing a few drinks with friends or browsing the web and learning about all the new innovations of the world.

Finish the sentence:  To be successful in this industry you have to…

Be persistent, be creative and be 110% behind every project and brand you work on.