Facebook’s Timeline: Smiles and Frowns

Some say it was inevitable; others say “We’ve been hearing that for the last eight-years.” It’s one of the most polarizing topics of 2012. Now I know what you’re all thinking – and no, I’m not referring to Toronto’s booming condo market.  This is much, much bigger.

Facebook has decided on yet another re-design!

Officially rolled out just over a month ago, the 845 million user social network has yet again changed the way we view and share not only with our friends, but also big businesses and brands.  By changing their interface “which looks like a type of online scrapbook”, the user is able to resurface content in reverse chronological order. The new interface also features a massive cover photo, larger “wall” and “profile” pic making this by far, the biggest design change since the social site’s inception.

So how does this effect big brands that have spend millions in social media domination?  Here are some examples of what social media specialists and some of the big brands all over the world love and hate with Facebook’s new Timeline.

Smiles for:

Frowns for:

What do you think?  Love it or hate it.  Let us know by replying to this post.