50 Years of Tradition with Pizza Nova


You’ve probably caught yourself humming along in the car on a few occasions, and most likely craving pizza thanks to this catchy radio jingle. The memorable tune has become a signature for the successful Pizza Nova pizza chain, and Montana Steele was there when it was created more than 25 years ago.

Pizza Nova-Montana Steele Strategic Marketing

It was 1987, and Montana Steele’s Rene DeSantis, Andy DeSantis and Joe Latobesi were in the studio with Pizza Nova’s Sam and Vince Primucci developing their next radio spot. Rene had suggested the company should centralize their pizza order phone number, and the team was working on the creative elements to go along with the new business strategy and the 416-439-0000 telephone number.

Dominic Primucci-Pizza Nova

Dominic Primucci-Pizza Nova

“We were in the studio with the legendary Syd Kessler and got inspired to compose something along the lines of an Italian tarantella,” says Joe Latobesi. “We were going back and forth with the lyrics and the musical notes, and the jingle was born. Normally a radio ad campaign like this would have the shelf life of 12-18 months, but the phenomenal success of this one has lasted over 25 years now. It’s become a part of the brand’s fabric and you really can’t mention Pizza Nova today without singing the jingle to yourself when you’re ordering a pizza.”

Focaccia Barese Pizza Nova

This year the award-winning, family-run pizza company with the memorable radio jingle sung by Canadian artist Alfie Zappacosta is celebrating 50 years in the business of making authentic, real Italian pizza. The company started back in 1963 when Sam Primucci and his brothers Vince and Joe opened their first Pizza Nova in Scarborough, and today there are more than 125 locations across southern Ontario offering old-fashioned, hand-tossed pizzas with gourmet toppings.

Pizza Nova

Montana Steele has been working with Pizza Nova to extend the brand message and audience reach for more than 30 years, and congratulates them on their 50th anniversary milestone.