4 Things We Learned at #CM1TO Community Manager Conference

Last month the Montana Steele digital marketing team attended their second CM1 Community Manager’s Conference held at CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio in downtown Toronto.

The event featured keynotes from some of the brightest and most innovative leaders in today’s social media and digital marketing space, and was a great opportunity to gain industry insight and knowledge from the best in Canada. While the community management role hardly existed in agencies and organizations up until a few years ago, it’s now one of the fastest growing and developing facets of marketing.

With Montana Steele always leading the real estate development pack to find new ways to bring our clients success and results, conferences such as CM1 are a great way for our team to refresh their skills and continue to grow and expand this area of expertise that’s becoming more and more requested by our clients.

Here are 4 things we learned at #CM1TO that we’ll be keeping in mind as we continue to rock the digital game here at Montana Steele.

Surprise & Delight

Who doesn’t love a pleasant surprise? Mitchell Fawcett of Motive Communications says surprising and delighting customers will positively impact your relationship and ability to find and retain loyal fans. Rewarding doesn’t mean a big budget (we’re not talking a car for everyone a la Oprah!), and small and simple gestures that are personalized and meaningful can open doors and spark lasting relationships.

Mitchell Fawcett CM1TO - Montana Steele

Mitchell Fawcett CM1TO

The 3 H’s of Content 

Over at Google, Bob Cornwall says brands should be putting content first and campaign second when it comes to building successful online communities. Remembering the 3 H’s can help connect with fans and potential customers in ways that matter most. Hero content will grab attention and generate mass visibility for that “go big or go home” moment, Hub content needs to target potential customers’ passions, interests and needs and Hygiene content is what will retain the loyal brand fans will new details and information on products and the company.

Bob Cornwall  CM1TO - Montana Steele

Bob Cornwall CM1TO

Create an Experience

No matter the demographic or audience your brand is looking to target, people want an experience they’ll remember. Give them events, campaigns and content they’ll be excited to talk about and share with their networks on your behalf. Toronto blogger Casie Stewart made it clear that the brands who establish an authentic connection and experience for fans and customers will be more likely to grow and nurture long term relationships that can be leveraged down the road.

Casie Stewart CM1TO - Montana Steele

Casie Stewart CM1TO

Be The Link

VP of Social Media at Rogers Communications, Keith McArthur, knows the ability to listen is one of the most important community management skills brands and their agencies need to remember. He called it #LiveTheBridge, explaining the community manager must act as the bridge between the customer and the brand as the advocate for both. Listening and responding to customer concerns as transparent and timely as possible will keep the community happy and the brand a better ambassador of their customers needs.

Keith McArthur CM1TO - Montana Steele

Keith McArthur CM1TO

You can find some more insights from the Community Manager’s Conference via the event’s Twitter hashtag, #CM1TO. There’s also a great list of the top community management experts to be following on Twitter, via Boost Agents that we recommend as a great resource.