3 Things We Learned at Dx3 Toronto 2016

Montana Steele’s digital marketing team is back from Dx3 2016 – Canada’s leading technology and digital marketing conference.

Every year thousands of eager industry representatives attend Dx3 to hear from some of the most successful leaders in the Canadian digital marketing, technology, and retail industries. From innovative ways to enhance consumer experiences, to best agency practices, and digital strategies that are changing the world of marketing – Dx3 is the place to be for those looking to lead the way to success.

As an agency that is consistently pioneering tools and methods that will bring our clients results, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date in the ever-changing environment of the digital world. We walked the show floor and attended discussion panels to see what’s new in innovation. Here are 3 things we saw at Dx3 that you should be on the lookout for in 2016.

Pepper the Robot

It’s cute, it gives hugs, and it can sell you anything. Pepper is a humanoid robot set to change the retail experience. While Pepper can hold a basic conversation with you, provide novelty dialogue like the weather and jokes, and recognize standard human emotions, Pepper also has the ability to educate and entertain retail customers. Already populating entire stores in Japan, Pepper is designed to create a user experience that is completely customizable for any brand and industry. As the most buzzed about topic from Dx3, we’re certain you will start to see Pepper pop up across North America in 2016.

Social Marketing as a Skill


Social media is an all-encompassing part of today’s day-to-day life, and media-savvy brands worldwide are using it in creative ways to promote product awareness. When social media marketing first arrived on the scene, companies commonly used it without a sound strategy and lacked a team with strong social media talent. Amber Naslund, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sysomos, is a global leader in social marketing and was among the first to recognize that a brand’s success online is highly dependent on individuals who have a strong understanding of the social media world and an eye for smart digital strategy. As social media becomes increasingly predominant on how we live, work, and shop, companies will need to invest in influential digital marketing teams.

The Spread of the Unconventional Workspace


Photo courtesy of breather.com

As consistent innovation becomes more vital to the success of a company (particularly in the technology and marketing industries), working life as we know it is changing. Companies are ridding of cubicles, introducing mobile employees, and altering the traditional work environment to promote a more creative workflow. Start-up company Breather, is creating a world-wide network of stylish office space available for daily and hourly reservation.  Entrepreneurs and employees of progressive companies are using these shared office spaces to work, meet, and take quick office breaks to recharge their productivity. Breather is coming to Toronto in 2016 but it’s not the only unconventional workspace you’ll see in the near future; from flex hours, to open office spaces and in-office ball pits, working life for the creative industry is on its way to becoming a lot more fun.

To see more from Dx3 check out the event’s hashtag #Dx32016.

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Cover photo courtesy of dx3canada.com