15 Minutes with Montana Steele’s Suzy Brenner

Get to know the newest member of the Montana Steele creative team – Suzy Brenner. She’s a Nutella-loving, award-winning art director and designer looking for that WOW moment in every campaign. 

How did you get your start in design?

I knew from a young age I would end up in the creative world – my whole family is creative, so I guess you can say I was born with it. I’m a big art lover and studied art throughout my life from interior and fashion design to industrial and art history.

What are you looking forward to as part of the Montana Steele team?

I’m excited to be part of the creativity that goes on here and getting to know everyone who makes the team what it is.

What makes a creative idea great?

It’s all about the process that took you there! I think trial and error is the best way to get a creative idea out there, and I also find that taking a step back helps a lot. You get to take another look from a new perspective, and that WOW moment will come.

Meet the team - Suzy Brenner, Montana Steele Strategic Marketing Toronto

What influences your creative process the most?

I love looking at adsoftheworld.com to pull inspiration from the industry. I really like looking through Applied Arts Magazine too – also because I was published for an award in it! I like to keep an inspirational scrapbook where I pull ideas, clippings and other things from wherever I find something interesting that might bring an idea.

What’s your favourite type of creative material to produce?

I love working on print materials such as brochures and ads. It’s great to be able to hold the final product that I’ve created or see it on display. I’ve been learning lots of new things so far here about environmental design and signage, which is exciting to work on as well.

When I was I kid I wanted to be…

When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect or fashion designer. I always knew I wanted to be some sort of a designer. Now I get to do a little bit of everything minus the clothes. That’s what shopping is for!

If you could jump on a private plane right now where would it take you?

French Riviera. I was there on my honeymoon and it must be the most beautiful place in the world. Totally my kind of lifestyle: shopping, beaches and fine dining. Send me with a one-way ticket!

3 Things I can’t live without:

1. My family, especially my son Liam

2. Nutella

3. Young and the Restless